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At the same time measures for transformation of the relations peculiar for command system, in the relations of market economy have to be carried out. It is privatization, a and demonopolization of economy. And here we see that it is about system of the measures capable to provide an exit from system crisis, transformation of command economy in the market. And at last, to a with the specified elements, stadial crisis includes also reorganization of structure of economy on the basis of transition to a new technological way of production, to a post-industrial stage of socioeconomic progress.

it functions (grants to producers, maintenance of housing and communal services, etc.). The monetary, financial, currency markets are created. From minor tools of old system the called categories become more and more developed elements of market economy.

And at last, models of a transitional economy differ on extent of realization of all-civilization processes of a humanization and a of economy. In the conditions of "market socialism" this tendency (as, for example, in China and Vietnam in a paternalistic. "Shock therapy" is connected with burglarizing of workers, and general and civilization processes are realized thus is inconsistent. And ­: the model of "velvet revolution", though shows corporate and capitalist tendencies, nevertheless most realizes all-civilization processes of a humanization and socialization of life.

All this demands social reorientation of market reforms to development of socially oriented economy, economy for a. If these processes are rather powerful, possible ­ if not submission of activity of corporations and the state, its taking into account requirements of democratic associations ­.

To overcome our deep lag, it is necessary to pass to a new technological way of production which significantly would lift efficiency of production of goods and provided change of its ratio with the social sphere in favor of. Thus it is necessary to consider that the social sphere — it not only result of high development of production of goods, but also an active factor of development of the person, science, education that by the main factor of increase in production, social and economic development presently in general.

Owing to deep, radical difference of these two systems, the modern transition period is very difficult on depth and scales of social and economic transformations. Discrepancy social ­, organizational and economic and production and technological structures of command system to conditions of market economy defined that fact that the transition period begins deep system, crisis: unprecedented still in the history decline in production, hyperinflation, impoverishment of the people.

In due time the developed countries — in process of growth of an industrial, concentration and centralization of production and the capital — went on the way of the statement of large mechanical production and forms of the organization, peculiar for it (including — monopolistic associations and t ).