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Ceremonies, characteristic at revenues to work, surely include the training moment (acquaintance of the beginner to history and traditions of firm, to its main values, to its most essential features of firm management). The known company "General Electrician" will organize one-month training for "recruits", attaching to each beginner of the mentor who acquaints it with the main firm values.

Still very badly and in many respects such convenient occasions as "the million client", "anniversary", "representation of new goods in the market" are incidentally used for the organization of a ceremony. And after all not so long ago all newspapers of the world reported about the 150-million visitor of the Eiffel Tower - Frenchwoman Jacqueline Martinez. This happy woman was awarded the corresponding gift - sports model of Citroen", opportunities to buy souvenirs for the sum of 5000 francs and a magnificent bouquet of flowers. Ritual of solemn delivery of all these gifts once again showed unique opportunities of attraction to itself of general attention and familiarizing of people with some name, value or system. Specially the t can speak about close connection between ritual and the advertizing which is shown through ritual sale (or distribution) goods on a certain place, or a ceremony of official representation of new goods, services, kinds of activity much.

(The partner and positive relations were more often allocated for BRP. Satisfaction increased with period of operation. On MRP only heads of an average link while experts, office employees were obviously not satisfied were satisfied.)

At this stage the culture only starts arising. The leader has a great influence on formation of culture at this stage. It and small group of his adherents are idea carriers. There are rough activities for its realization. At this stage for firm simple organizational communications, high mobility of shots, the highest interchangeability of experts with each other are characteristic. All collective is solid round the leader. The creative atmosphere reigns in collective. The culture only starts being formed owing to active communication process. She is not visible yet.

Business ethics are based on such universal value as freedom. It means that the businessman or the manager has to appreciate not only freedom of the economic actions, but also freedom of with whom he deals, whether it be his subordinate, or the competitor.

Above I considered influence of culture on growth of the enterprise, but, naturally, there is also a feedback. The culture arises and is formed under the influence of a set of factors. These factors can be tracked on the following scheme:

Besides, practice shows that and productive ceremonies which are connected with something deeply personal, sentimental and informal, concerning participants of this ritual are especially successful. It is the personal moment, the personal respect and concrete address attention at delivery of a gift or award gives the additional value of all ceremony and increases its uniqueness and originality. Values, rituals and ceremonies in life of firm are the most representative components forming its culture and strategy. Without exaggeration it is possible to tell that those firms which did not decide on the dominating values and reference points and have no well thought over and fulfilled system of ceremonies and ceremonies, endure continuous crisis and are on the brink of collapse. As it is confirmed by practice, it is not surprising what exactly values and rituals are a trope (metaphor) of enterprise. Thanks to rituals and ceremonies gets concrete outlines and all is comprehended by all firm personnel that valuable that occurs in the labor, production and research environment. And the more closely the dominating organizational values will be connected with individual interests, requirements and installations, the it is more than chances at this firm to operate on the market effectively, flexibly and purposefully.

Today, perhaps, there is no large enterprise where would not realize this problem. Basic provisions on management are formed, departments of development of shots are created, thousands of seminars are held. Gradually need of it is realized also by small firms.

Though in the work I would like to place particular emphasis on culture of small forms, however it is impossible to reject also that fact that any culture starts being formed in firm from the moment of its education and therefore, I would like to give world famous firm "Sony" as an example.

At this stage there is a set of employees and the history of firm starts being formed. As well as any other culture it arises in the depth of the human consciousness which is characterized at the first stage by concrete behavior.

Results of this research it were available since the main estimated criteria represented as if "measurements" of organizational culture. It is possible to draw a conclusion on huge influence of culture of the enterprise on its growth.

It is possible to refer his professional honesty, i.e. insistence, devotion in work to the general moral qualities characterizing the businessman, and also adherence to principles and respect for opinion of others.