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Therefore, in the course of vigorous cogitative foreign-language speech activity at the project work there are different communications between a foreign language and own world of the pupil that promotes development of communicative competence.

communicative (ability to conduct discussion, to listen and hear the interlocutor, to argue the point of view supported with arguments; ability to reach compromise with the interlocutor; ability laconically to state the thought).

Analyzing the most important component of design training – autonomy of pupils, it is necessary to draw the following conclusion: during projective activity in the course of foreign-language communication the pupil seizes a number of the major abilities: to realize the purposes and requirements, to select necessary materials, to plan and predict results, to use different types of training materials; to comprehend and discuss the course and results; to interact with the teacher and companions; actively to think and learn reality by means of IYa, to get necessary knowledge and abilities and successfully to use them in practical activities.

In the course of design activity pupils take active part in formation of the leading and current (intermediate) purposes and tasks; look for ways of their decision, choose the optimum decision in the presence of alternative, carry out and reason a choice; provide choice consequences, work independently: compare received with the demanded; correct activity taking into account intermediate results; objectively estimate result of the project work and result of design.

The problem which is demanding certain language funds from the party of pupils for its development and the decision and having a certain practical and theoretical informative importance is the cornerstone of any project. For example:

Thus, at the heart of a creative solution as the leading component of design training, lies not only knowledge of IYa, but also possession of large volume of the various subject knowledge necessary for the solution of this problem. Process of integration at design training of IYa helps pupils to realize a role of language knowledge which become the main means at successful mastering foreign-language speech activity, help to seize cultural examples of thinking, to form the cogitative strategy and dared to enter cross-cultural communication.

In the context of the autonomous doctrine design training assumes formation as well abilities to realize own requirements, to choose adequate ways and means of their realization, to estimate results of the work.

Principle of communicativeness. This principle causes all educational cognitive activity of pupils in the course of implementation of the project, assuming purposeful, motivated nature of their speech activity, existence of a certain relationship between participants of the project, practical orientation of each occupation.

Reasonable technology of training of communicative competence (language, speech, sociocultural, compensatory, educational) which is the main condition of development of cross-cultural communication in general. This technology provides temporary and structural completeness of the project, namely existence of accurate algorithm of performance of consecutive actions (See: Appendix.

creative (ability to generate ideas for what knowledge in various areas is required; ability to find not one, and some options of a solution; abilities to predict consequences of this or that decision);

The design technique focused on the identity of the trainee assumes, thus, the following: pupils independently define the purposes and problems of foreign-language speech activity, select necessary material, using various sources of information, plan the content of foreign-language speech activity and carry out it, achieving required result.

The personal and significant, motivated speech statement of the pupil in design activity is the main condition which serves as the best prerequisite of formation of speech activity of speaking.