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Spleen and stomach. The spleen is located not dorzalno surfaces of a stomach and attached to it by two sheaves. At a nutrovka it often is closed by a stomach. A spleen of sventsovo-blue color with a reddish-yellow shade. Serous of white-blue color, brilliant, dense. The stomach does not, looks round from a surface.

The researches of nature of influence of activity of a on natural complexes conducted for the last 25 years in the basin of Baikal allowed to specify the modes natural resources and the standards regulating different types of a of the person.

It is quite possible that taking into account a trophic factor it is necessary to consider also modern distribution of seals of the sort Pusa in very limited quantity continental reservoirs. Here such reservoirs as Baikal, the Caspian Sea, Lake Ladoga, the Saimaa lake (Finland) belong. They are very extensive, glubokovodna, possess rather powerful photosynthesizing, and that is especially important, are occupied by the short-cycle small pelagic fishes giving high production.

Horovina (the main part of a body ­) consists of a skin, on which ­ thick (55-90 cm) a layer of fat which is an of receiving the fat having value in medicine and a, the food industry. technology when cutting from a horovina cut off prirez of meat, a fat, and then wooden wrung out the fat remains from a skin. The received raw materials were mixed and that conducted to deterioration of the received fat.

From interiors of a seal interest as raw materials for a of medical preparations represents the liver rich L (contains in 1 g to 550 i.a.). Possibilities of application in or other branches the Baikal seal will become the directions of the conducted researches.

Lungs are examined outside and cut pulmonary fabric on the course of large bronchial tubes, open sredostenny lymph nodes. Heart is opened on big curvature, examine a pericardium, a myocardium and, then open a spleen and bryzheechny lymph nodes. The liver is examined from the diafragmalny and visceral parties. From the visceral party through a portal lymph node do two not through sections and examine hepatic fabric.

The Baikal region (the territory of 270,5 thousand represents, generally mountain systems and in the southern part (no more than a quarter of total area) belongs to forest-steppe and droughty and steppe zones, characterized by a hilly and valley.

Research of an internal lastonogy carry out according to the standard methods expertizes and in the following sequence: a spleen, a stomach and intestines (external survey of serous covers and bryzheechny lymphatic knot, a liver with portal lymph nodes, kidneys with kidney lymph nodes, lungs with bronchial and sredostenny lymph nodes, heart, genitals.

At survey of ink pay attention to a condition of a peritoneum, a pleura and the blood vessels located under them, on hemorrhages, inflammatory processes, new growths. and cut the main lymph nodes - submaxillary, superficial cervical and zaglotochny lateral.

Under the influence of economic activity in Lake Baikal in present period the chemical balance of the lake is broken towards prevalence of chemical inflow to the lake over a drain from it. Anthropogenous loadings led to increase of the content in waters of Baikal of excess quantities of components of ionic structure: hydrocarbonates of sulfates, chlorides, calcium, magnesium, alkaline metals, nitrates. A large number of organic substances, soluble harmful impurity of industrial drains to the lake (phenols, oil products, dioxine, a furan and other withdrawal comes.

By the situation in system of a continental drain Baikal is the accumulator of all mineral and organic substances coming to it from a catchment basin therefore water-collecting the pool makes one indissoluble whole with the lake and any brought by activity of the person 'in a natural complex of the pool find reflection in change of the hydrochemical and hydrobiological modes of the lake.

Unique feature of Baikal is existence of a thin biological of self-cleaning of waters. The main role in this process belongs to the organisms of a having filtrational type of food and passing through themselves water of an.

Meat lastonogy dark red color, krupnovoloknisty, rough, a dense consistence, with a specific fish smell, fat of whitish-yellow color. Limfauzla have an elastic consistence, can be reddened, a section surface smooth, damp.