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The control system of the antenna in the automaintenance mode works on a so-called differential method in this connection in station the special antenna consisting of the spheroidal mirror and 4 radiators which are taken out on some distance in front of the mirror is used.

After 0,4 sec. after operation of the relay of preparation of capture, blocking is removed. As a result of it, at repeated getting of the purpose into the directional pattern of the antenna there is an operation of the capture relay cascade (CRC) which causes:

constructive performance of station by the so-called container principle which is characterized by a number of advantages concerning decrease in gross weight, use of the taken-away volume, reduction of interblock communications, possibility of use of the centralized cooling system, etc.

use of the receiver with linearly - the logarithmic amplitude characteristic that provides expansion of dynamic range of the channel to 80 dB and, thereby, does possible direction finding of a source of an active hindrance.

After a rocket conclusion in horizontal flight, in RLGS through the onboard station of giving of teams (SGT) the single targeting command is given. On this team the PGS hub holds an antenna beam in horizontal situation, developing it on an azimuth in the direction set by teams from the earth " zones on" φ".

RLGS can be broken into a number of separate functional systems, each of which solves quite certain private problem (or some private tasks more or less close among themselves) and each of which is to some extent issued in the form of separate technological and constructive unit. Such Functional systems in RLGS four:

control systems of the antenna providing control of the antenna in all operating modes of RLGS (in the mode "targeting', in the search mode and in the homing mode which in turn, is subdivided into the "capture" and "automaintenance" modes)

For reduction of time of the review search of the purpose in RLGS is carried out with a high speed. In this regard in station the two-level system of capture of the purpose, with storing of provision of the purpose at the first detection, with the subsequent return of the antenna to the remembered situation and secondary final capture of the purpose after which its automaintenance already follows is applied. Carry out both preliminary, and final capture of the purpose the scheme of a hub A