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During the French colonization of the island got reputation of islands of love. For everything customs and freedom in the love relations of French therefore Seychelles were the most favourite place for love couples of French grandees are known. On islands the big Seychelles nuts growing, only on these islands and considered as one of symbols of islands always used special attention.

The May valley is a unique place is located with the center of the island, here it is easy to reach any kind of transport. Openly daily with 00 to 13 Entrance fee 50SR. In this prehistoric wood the queen of palm trees - Coco de Mer grows. Its fruits have an unusual form. Here some more endemic species of palm trees, and also rare species of birds and lizards grow.

Beaches. The best beach by right is considered Anse Lasio. It is in deserted northwest part of the island and this only place which is not protected by a coral reef. Soft snow-white sand, turquoise water and waves it is lazy rolling on granite boulders. Having passed 2,5 km on foot along the sea it is possible to get on absolutely wild Anse Georgette beach. Further away in the same party the Petit Anse Kerlan and Anse Kerlan beaches, one quiet, and the second deep and with a wave lie, to this place it is possible to reach by bicycle. In the most east point of the island there is an Anse Marie-Louise beach, during inflow the natural pool is formed here.

Excursion on the island of Mahe: this travel will allow you to see all doptoprimechatelnost of the island in one day. You will be able to plunge into fussy life of the capital of the Seychelles - Victorias, to visit the market noisy, unique in own way. You will find fine copies of the plants representing flora of these tropical islands in the botanical garden Mont Fleuri. It is also possible to visit a tea plantation on slopes of the mountain Morne Blance and an exhibition of models of sea vessels.